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This script rocks. It's so much of a time saver that it's hard to believe how I could work without it until now. Definitely buying it and recommend everyone that works daily with vray to do the same.
By CofeeHolic

Greaty ,greatest plugin for VRay ever
By Fajar

I bought SolidRocks a few days ago. Everything is great and top Service from Jerome. Wonderful Work!
By Vax

Worth every penny I spent, I "almost" forgot where the vray settings are :D
By Eboyee (http://www.urban-design.org.uk)

Amazing. This script has turned into an irreplaceable tool into my work. Thanks.
By Neotrixstdr

With out a doubt Jerome and his Scripts rock!! I use it, love it and recomend it to everyone. I have had great success with it personally and commercially...it's reliable, fast and easy to use! my only comment would be to raise the price as it's worth far more!!
Keep up the great work Jerome!
By Lukesta

Amazing script! I have no idea how I could have missied it. :) The demo did a great job on a heavy scene at the office.
By András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Visualization / Latvanyterv

SolidRocks is a "Must Have" script, it has saved me so much render time!
By Jfazzi

This is an awesome program definitely worth the money. Within 30 seconds it turned my horrible lighting scene into a photo-real scene with vray. Customer service is amazingly fast at responding to customers. Everyone should own this program. Its going to be a great learning tool.
By Malevi

Thank you Subburb for SolidRocks!!
Guys, this is a great plugin. I recommend everyone try it!
By Michele71

SolidRocks or professional rendering level for endusers !
Really the most indispensable plug-in I know for my prefered couple : Vray/3DSmax !
Easy to use, and very eficient, I'm an happy user !Thank You Subburb !
By Sentenza

SolidRocks is an excellent tool!! I have try it and really it makes thinks much easier and a lot much faster.
By Pixelart (www.pixelart3d.com)

Works really well :) Allows fast scene setup. good job :)
By Benjamin Ziegler (www.bziegler.com)

whole new world in vray opened to me thanks to subburbs SOLIDROCK!!!
By V-Motion (V-MOTION)

Solid Rocks Simply put an elegant well laid out interface.
Excellent Support and Quality product.
Exceptional Experience All Around
.Significantly reduced my render times at least in 1/2
By mjkern

this is the most plugin for vray in the world!!!
By albertoc

Superb plugin. Has saved me a huge amount of time and effort in the few months I've been using it. Highly recommended.
By dgh83