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GPU rendering + Anim Full Moawiz issue

2 years 11 months ago #8727 by zaker
Hello, I'm working on a tv spot. I have setup my scene for gpu rendering, but when I use the Moaviz anim full, when I click on render anim, I have a window with " Maxscript undefined". What can I do to render my scene with gpu rendering ? I don't really understand what's happening. Can you help me ?. Thanks it's urgent.

When I'm working on my scene I can render one frame with gpu + cpu rendering without any problems. But when I used the MOAWIZ, it doesn't work.

My setup :

Win 10 + max 2019 + vray net update 1.1 + sr 2.2.4

I get the same issue with vray next with no update.

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2 years 10 months ago #8730 by subburb
Hello !
Sorry for delay my forum seems to have troubles...
I can't reproduce this error..
Maybe can you send me your scene ? you can delete 99% of its content, i just need your scene environment, vray settings, etc, to try to reproduce the error.

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