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GI Method Switcher

Global Illumination Method selector

This new feature introduced in SolidRocks gives opportunity to the user to switch beetween different GI methods with one click.

List of methods provided in SolidRocks :

LC/LC (for fast preview renders)

Lightcache / lightcache.

This method is mainly for fast render tests to estimate the illumination of your scene.

interior preset - good mode - LC/LC - 0m45s


Lightcache / Lightcache + Ambient Occlusion pass.

This method is fast and helps to "fake" the primary GI bounces. It is also useful if you are in a big rush, allowing you to quickly produce a non realistic (but major defaults free) render.

interior preset - good mode - LC/LC + AO - 0m56s

IM/LC (The default method)

Irradiance Map / Light cache. This method is the most frequently used by all V-Ray users. The first GI bounces are computed with irradiance map and the secondary bounces are computed with Lightcache.

interior preset - good mode - IM/LC - 1m36s


Similar to the previous method but with the addition of an Ambient Occlusion pass. The result is non realistic but helps to enhance corners and detail.

interior preset - good mode - IM/LC + AO - 1m56s


Probably the best compromise between quality and render time. Large GI details are catched by Light cache, medium size GI details are catched by Irradiance map, and very small GI details are computed with Bruteforce.

interior preset - good mode - IM/LC/DE - 1m38s


This method uses Light cache for secondary bounces and Bruteforce for primary bounces.

This method does give the best results and very precise GI, but takes a long time to render and can give some grain in final rendered image.

interior preset - good mode - BF/LC Method - 2m38s

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